What is this strange link to my store on Google?

Question: While on Google search, I found a strange link that redirects to my store from the results page and it looks different. Where did this come from?

Answer: If you see a link to your store on a search results page that looks slightly different from the others and you cannot find it in our SEO Audits, this is possibly a “parameterized” search result. These links usually contain a question mark, an equal sign, and will look something like this:


These are the results of Google crawling a page that has a filter query applied to it. Some Shopify themes and apps allow this filtering by product type or vendor. It is similar to searching your site for a specific term. If you searched your site for the term “blue”, the resulting URL would look like this:


This would return an automatically generated page with products that match the search query. Because this is an automatically generated page resulting from a query, there is no corresponding page in your Shopify admin or audit page in our SEO app. It is the same when filtering by product type or vendor: there is no corresponding page in your Shopify admin or in our app. Due to Shopify’s limitations, there is no way to add an on-page or meta description to these automatically generated pages. Oftentimes, it is not even possible to determine the order that the results will show.
What if the automatically generated page is similar to a page that already exists in your store like a collection page for a vendor like this?


This could count as duplicate content by Google, which has the potential to cause crawling efficiency issues. You can read more about this on Google Webmasters. As noted in the article, this should only be a problem if your site has more than 1,000 pages and you can verify that Google is indexing a significant number of these duplicate content pages.

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