Why can't I access the app?

Question: When I try to open up the app, it doesn't load. What's going on?

Answer: This can happen when you are unknowingly logged out of Shopify, or when you chose to upgrade the app (or start the 7-day trial) but Shopify needs your approval for the subscription charge that you will receive at the end of the trial unless you uninstall the app before then.

To solve either problem, try these possible solutions:

  • Log out of your Shopify admin and log into Shopify again, then go into the app via the Apps section.
  • Log into your Shopify admin in a different browser, then go into the app via the Apps section.
  • Log out of your Shopify admin, clear your browser's cache, then log back into Shopify, and finally go into the app via the Apps section.

If you recently chose to upgrade the app, press Approve charges if at any time you see a request like the ones below. Only then will you be able to access the app.

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