Why has my site's Google ranking not improved?

Question: Why hasn't the app improved my site's Google ranking? Why haven't my pages moved up in Google search results?

Answer: Google may need more time to update your page rankings. See Why aren't my Google page listings updating?

If you're worried that the app is not working on your site as it should, see How do I know that the app is working on my site?

Back to the question. How high up your site appears in Google search results is impossible to control directly, since Google are the ones who determine that. One thing that could help is to do keyword research and choose good target keyword phrases in the SEO Audit pages of the app, so that it's more likely that people will find your pages when they search for those particular phrases in Google. To learn more about keywords, please see the last two guides in our Getting Started series below—but it may be helpful to start from the basics:

  1. What is SEO?
  2. What is this app?
  3. How to improve your SEO health
  4. How to customize AutoPilot with templates
  5. How to use effective keywords, part 1
  6. How to use effective keywords, part 2

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