Is my theme compatible with this app?

The app is compatible with any theme that does not use alt-text for functionality. Some themes, such as the Launch and Warehouse themes, are designed in such a way that alt-text data for images is used for variant selection functionality. It is not recommended to use the app if you have a theme that uses alt-text in this manner.

Please note that using a theme that has hardcoded alt-text prevents a store owner from being able to implement the SEO best practice of making your product images indexable by Google. According to a study of U.S. web-based searches, the world’s second most-used search engine is Google Images.

A full 26.79% of all internet searches take place on Google Images, compared to just 3.71% on YouTube, 2.25% on Bing and 0.69% on Facebook. Being able to optimize your alt-text will ensure that you are following SEO best practices to have your product images indexable by Google.

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