Why aren't my Google page listings updating?

Question: Why isn't the app updating my page listings in Google search results? I've made changes in the app, but my Google page listings still look the same as before.

Answer: It can take Google up to several weeks to index your site's new information, so you won't immediately see changes from the app in Google search results. However, you may be able to speed up the process by following Google's official recommendations for requesting your site to be recrawled (updated in Google results).

Our app immediately makes changes to your site's code. If you're worried that the app is not working on your site as it should, see How do I know that the app is working on my site?

If you aren't seeing your site in Google results at all, and you have waited several weeks for Google to recrawl your pages, it may be that your pages are appearing in Google search results, but just not on the first page or first few pages. For some ideas on this, see Why has my site's Google ranking not improved?