Why can't I see the option to upgrade to the Pro plan?

Question: I'd like to switch from the free plan to the much more fully-featured Pro plan but I cannot see the option to upgrade. Why is that?

Answer: In order to upgrade to the Pro plan:

  • Your site needs a custom domain, not the default myshopify.com domain.
  • Your site must be live: it must not have a storefront password.

As soon as your site meets these criteria, you will see options to upgrade in the app.

If you want to set up the app before your site goes live, you can do this: turn off your storefront password, upgrade the app, then turn on your storefront password again. However, as long as your site has a password, the app will not be able to apply any SEO improvements to your pages. But this way, at least you can customize your settings in the app before your site goes live, if you wish.