How can I fix broken links?

Question: I see lots of entries in the Broken Links section of the app. Does this mean that my site has broken links? How can I fix them?

Answer: One of the quickest wins using the app is to turn on AutoPilot for Broken Links.

As to where the broken links are coming from: there might be broken links on your website, but the broken links might also be outside of your website: for example, on another site or in a customer's old bookmark. The app does not scan your site for broken links, but instead it fixes active broken links only. That means that when the app sees that someone tries to reach a nonexistent page on your site, the app then sets up a redirect.

Usually the app redirects a broken link automatically, but in some cases it needs your input, showing a warning "Needs Fix." In these cases, write in the handle of the address visitors should be redirected to. (A handle is the part of the URL after the address of your site. In the URL "", the handle is "/admin/settings".) Once you have written the handle of the page visitors should see, press Save:

If you need to edit a broken link and redirect it to a different address, press Actions ⇨ Edit:

As long as they are redirected to the appropriate page, broken links should not be a big concern, because usually the broken links are outside of your website. The signs of broken links inside your site are if many new broken links in short amount of time, or if a particular broken link that is continually visited very often (according to the "Visits" column in the Broken Links section). In these cases, we recommend getting in touch with your theme developer to find out whether there are broken links in your theme code.

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