What are the advantages of upgrading?

Question: I can see that there are two plans for SEO Optimizer that are available for me to choose from. I can sure choose the Free Plan in order to save money but what advantages are there for me if I choose the paid plan?

Answer: While the Free plan of SEO Optimizer gives you the convenience of optimizing your product images for Google Image Search, upgrading to a paid plan gives you a whole lot more!

The Pro plan ($34/month) includes:

  • Guided keyword optimization of meta tags and content, to help you rank higher for chosen keywords.
  • AutoPilot gives you tools for automatic bulk editing of your SEO.
  • Broken links are automatically fixed and redirected. No more 404 pages!
  • Google Rich Results (Snippets) are automatically set up via a JSON-LD schema for your entire store.
The Premium plan ($64/month) includes all of the Pro features, in addition to the following:
  • Product image compression for faster page loading.
  • Product image renaming (to match product titles) for better image SEO.
  • URL optimization for more SEO-friendly URLs.
  • Sitemap generation so that you can get your site indexed faster by Google.