What are the advantages of getting the paid plan?

Question: I can see that there are two plans for SEO Optimizer that are available for me to choose from. I can sure choose the Free Plan in order to save money but what advantages are there for me if I choose the paid plan?

Answer: While the Free Plan on SEO Optimizer is designed to give you the convenience of optimizing your shop's images and helps the ranking of your online store in the search results - all at absolutely no cost on you - getting the paid plan gives you a whole lot more!

  • Complete SEO Optimization - from setting the target keywords to alt texts to your images, this plan takes care of all the details needed to boost up your rank. 
  • Metatag Optimization - allows you to set proper tagging and description for your site to make sure Google recognizes it and pushes it to the top.
  • Auto SEO Pilot fixes - automates filling out and fixing important details that have been missed, making you stress-free and worry-free.
  • Fix broken links - allows you to set redirection URLs so that whenever there is a broken link anywhere, it goes straight to a working page. No more 404 errors!
  • Google Snippets - Allows you to include more important and helpful information about your site to promote high rankings.
  • Auto JSONLD - Takes care of linked data transfers using JavaScripts. If you are not familiar with codes and do not want to deal with backend stuff, this one is just perfect for you.

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