How to check broken links stats

Broken links, or also known as dead links to some, are URLs that do not successfully load the page it is expected to load. Most of the time, the browser would try to load the page but would eventually display an error at the end saying there is no response from the server, or the page cannot be found, and so on.

It is important to check each and every link in your site periodically to make sure all of them are working. However, there are times that you cannot make a thorough check and there will be a few broken links every now and then. 

SEO Optimizer is capable of checking each and every link on your site and redirect the page to any URL that you wish. You can also check periodically within the app if there are broken links, unresolved errors, or ignored pages. Follow these easy steps:

1. Launch the app and click Broken Links from the left navigation panel.

2. Click each tab in the table to see the stats of links that have been fixed.

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