What other information should I put to help my page rank higher in the search results?

Question: I have already set my page to have the right keywords, titles, and other details necessary to get a chance of a higher rank in the google search results but I want to add more. What other information should I include to have better results?

Answer: In order to achieve the desired results in terms of high ranking in the Google search, it is recommended to include the information listed below. :

  • Industry - Your business will be easily identified and found by customers if the industry or type of business is specified. 
  • Price Range - Most people would check for the price range of the product they are searching for so it is best to include this information. 
  • Product Review app - What the customers say about a site/product creates an impression and usually has a big impact on the business. 
  • Social media profiles - Presently, social media succeeds in getting more attention and appeals more to most people than the usual ads. Creating a page or account for your business in different social media platforms and linking it properly give your business a bigger chance in the top rankings.
  • Company logo URL - Some people are visual or best remember things if they can see it or something that reminds them of it. 
  • Google My Business - Google had set up a business profile for you for free! All you need to do is fill it out and it will be easy for customers to find and read;

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