How to improve your SEO health

Getting your pages closer to the top of web search results is the end goal of SEO, and a good first step toward making that happen is the SEO Audits section, where the app suggests SEO improvements, and gives you the tools to make those improvements easily.

Follow these steps to improve your SEO health.

1. Launch the app and click SEO Audits

You will then see a list your store's products, along with the number of suggestions that the app has for each product. Even if a product or page is marked as "Optimized", often there are still some improvements to be made in its audit. So if you want to be thorough, click into on every audit after you have fixed the most obvious issues that are pointed out in the audits list.

2. Pick a product to work on

Here we'll pick one that clearly needs improvement. Click on the title to open up the audit page.

3. Check each step in the audit page and address highlighted issues

The most common issues have to do with missing target keywords. See What are target keywords? For more information on other warnings, please refer to our help docs.

4. Click Save Changes in the last step (or Save at the top) to apply your improvements

If you see Scan Issues marked in yellow in the last step, they may be the issues you have already fixed that are still on your live site. So first save your changes, wait a few seconds, and refresh the audit page to see if that solves your Scan Issues.

5. Your SEO health is improved!

It may take up to a few hours for your SEO health to update, so don't worry if your score doesn't improve right away. Also, it can take a few weeks for Google and other search engines to show your site's updated information, although there are steps you can take to speed up the process: see Why is my site not updated on Google?

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