Alt Text Optimization

Alt texts, or also known as Alt tags or Alt descriptions, are texts that come up as an alternative to an image in case it does not load for whatever reason. This is an important part of SEO since search engines will be able to read it and help to rank your site. 

Alt texts for your images should be carefully and strategically created so that search engines will easily pick them up and boost your rank. This means that the right target keywords should be included in the alt texts.

Important as it is, sometimes, we do not pay much attention to this detail as long as our images appear and we can see them properly. If you do not want to go through all the hassle of creating alt texts to each of your images but worry about your site's rank, you can set it up within SEO Optimizer. This feature is called the AutoPilot.

AutoPilot automatically generates alt texts that best describe your images and makes sure all requirements are met. This makes one baggage off your back and you do not have to worry anymore.

To allow AutoPilot to generate alt texts for your images, follow these steps:

1. Launch the app and go to AutoPilot from the left navigation panel.

2. Scroll down to the Image Alt text section and toggle the switch to the ON position.

3. Choose an option under Rules if you want to let automatically generate alt texts to your images or you want it to use a template. In this example, we choose to  Let the app decide.

4. Click Save to apply your changes.

5. Go back to the left navigation panel and click SEO Audits.

6. Choose a product from the list. In this example, we choose the Gray Hoodie.

7. Scroll down to the  Step 4. Image Alt Text section and check the alt text generated by the app.

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