Meta Title Optimization

There are times that you wonder why your SEO score is way lower than what you expected even if you think - you think - that you have already taken care of all the fields on your website to boost it up. 

One of the possible reasons is because you have missed one or two things, such as the meta titles. It is extremely important to make sure that your title or meta title contains the necessary target keywords of your site or product to land a higher rank in the search engines. 

The good thing about our app is, you will be able to identify which area(s) needs to be worked on since it will give you detailed information when you scan. 

Not only that, a Fix button is provided to give you detailed information on how to resolve the issue.

If you are prone to forget details like this, or you do not want to bother yourself to check every time, you can set the app to take care of it. This is called the AutoPilot. This feature would automatically assign an appropriate meta title, making your work a lot easier so you can sit back and relax, worry-free.

Follow the steps below to set the app to automatically generate an appropriate meta title for you:

1. On SEO Optimizer, click AutoPilot from the left navigation panel.

2. In the Meta Title Optimization section, toggle the Status button to the ON position.

3. Choose an option under  Rules that you want to apply for the Meta Title. You can set it to let the app decide and generate the meta title, or you can set up a default title template that will be used automatically. In this example, let us choose Use title template.

4. Choose a template variable from the options below. This will be the format that the app will follow to generate the meta title. In this example, we choose the default template title | shop_name.

5. Click Save

6. Click SEO Audits.

7. Click on a product from your list. In this example, we choose Gray Hoodie.

8. Scroll down to  Step 2. Set Google Preview section and check under Page Title. The auto-generated meta title should now show as well as the preview.

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